Your HAPPEN membership includes a whole range of services,

detailed on The HAPPEN Website such as;

  • Weekly Peer-to Peer Networking
  • Expert Guest speakers at all meetings
  • Online Member Profiles, viewed daily by employers
  • Recruiter workshops, insider’s perspective on recruiters
  • Targeted Skills Marketing, recruiter promotion to select firms
  • HAPPENlink, 24/7 online member connection
  • McQuaig online self-assessment tool
  • HAPPEN, linkedin service to 1,000,000+ contacts
  • Interim Management contracts
  • Major Discounts on Office products
  • On-line Lifeware, financial planning tool
  • New services being added constantly

Preferred rates for Experts in the following:

  • Resume Assessment and development
  • Career Coaching services
  • Interview Coaching
  • Legal Employment counsel
  • Market Letter/database services
  • Personal website creation
  • Member Health spending services, better than insurance
  • Direct mail profiles, issued 3 times a year
  • Image consultants
  • New services are being added constantly

Check back often...