Yesterday I was reminded in how the telephone has either become a very under appreciated or very appreciated communications device - and that perhaps we should all be looking to use it a little bit more.

I received an e-mail from a job candidate looking to connect with the recruiter in my company. I used to be involved in third party recruitment and still seem to get my fair share of unsolicited resumes etc - usually with the standard lines of

"I was researching your company and have identified that it is one ......."


"As an experienced XYZ (none of which I ever recruited) I am looking for my next opportunity and know that a company like yours........."

Sadly, a quick Google search or even just taking a guess that the e-mail address that they just sent their resume to might also have a web site might indicate if they are on the right track and it might be worth looking to see what they do. But they are either lazy or are just sending blanket e-mails or worst still have actually paid someone to do this on their behalf and that resume blasting service is lazy and stupid and are using an outdated directory.

The ONLY positive is at least they got my name right and spelled it correctly.

But this particular job candidate had not even bothered to do that. Here is their e-mail;

Dear Sir / Madam,

Would you be kind enough to send me the name and direct e mail address of the executive recruiter in your organization who handles Supply Chain Management / Industrial Management mandates.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Not bothered to find a name, not even bothered to look up what the company did, not even going to bother to follow up, expecting someone to get back to them - now that is just plain dumb job searching at any time - but in this economy??!!

TRY THE TELEPHONE - OR EVEN THE INTERNET - be smart about your job search.

Just my toonies worth!
Paul Copcutt
Original: You cannot always blame the economy