Everyone is doing it so why not I? Who will take the burden after all just to enquire when did I join my last company, maybe I can push back the date by 4 months? These thoughts often tempt you to put false information on your resume without knowing that it could prove dangerous anytime in your career.

HR professionals might not always miss on even minor falsifications in resumes. There could arise are many situations that can signal a human resources manager to cross check the facts provided by an employee on resume or through certificates at the time of joining.

If you do not perform well in your job as expected from your qualifications and profile or your colleague with same or lesser credential does better than you, HR professionals would waste no time in conducting employment background check. And if you have really falsified some facts on your resume, chances of you being caught are most likely.

Secondly, many companies these days are very strict with routine verification of employee’s work history and they have very good vigilance system to find out any lies on employee’s resume. The time of economic crisis makes this even more efficient as most of the aspirants tend to falsify resumes to fetch high earning jobs. However, this is the time when one should be more careful with presenting facts on one’s resume. In fact, you should never lie on your resume because many recruitment firms or company HR professionals keep verifying documentations even after hiring.

Falsifying on resumes can be very dangerous as it can cost you your job. But more than a job what you lose is your reputation in job market and lesser chances of getting jobs in reputed companies in future. This is so because most of the companies’ HR teams have link ups with many recruitment firms and even other companies’ hiring managers. Once they find out about any falsification by a candidate or employee, they intimidate about the same among their hiring networks. Also, many a time, the candidate’s or employee’s profile and photo is posted on company’s website with libel notes saying not to hire this fellow. That way it affects your whole career.

There have been a number of employment termination cases off late when background verifications caught falsified resumes. Sometimes this may even lead to strict legal actions depending on the severity of the falsification. This is how cases of fraud against employees are registered in court. So, better be true to your employee for a clean reputation, better future prospects and above all remain true to yourself to be good human beings.

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