This week members in this area will have the opportunity to speak to Recruiters and company HR managers who received the Spring Issue of HAPPEN Candidate Profiles.

The mailing list has been separated geographically into about 20 per page. As a volunteer for HAPPEN, your task is to verify the receipt of the booklet and to record any changes to the address details.

Usually this provides a chance to promote yourself with your infomercial and subsequently be asked to come in for an Interview.

Guidelines and the prepared sheets will be available for pick up at the morning meetings this week.

LinkedIn is a powerful electronic networking tool that can provide information about companies and contacts that you can make either directly or through others. Most HAPPEN members are using LinkedIn and are included in the Groups associated with HAPPEN.

Once mastered, this facility will speed your job search. It is worth investing some time to learn to use it efficiently.

During the presentation In Burlington this week Steve Prentice of Bristall Morgan has prepared a handout for those present, and will walk us through the way to maximize LinkedIn for our job search.

Members are encouraged to introduce themselves on the HAPPENlink newsgroup which is exclusive to HAPPEN. Even if you met every one in the room every week you still would not have contacted the majority of members. Networking takes time and effort, your offer to help others is the starting point for building extensive relationships. Unless you reach out to let others know how they can help you, your job search is a "one-work" not a "network".

I look forward to seeing you this week. Let me know how I can help you.

Robin Wright,
Executive Director