The spirit of networking was alive and well last Thursday night in Mississauga. Happen Alumni and friends including a few spouses enjoyed a pleasant evening with food and entertainment. Thanks to Murray Etherington and his team of volunteers, who put several weeks of work into the project.

There will be a special treat for the Vancouver group this week. Grant himself is expounding and explaining the process of 'Intentional Decision Making" Too many of the important decisions we make are made under pressure and lack of research. Grant's message will provide a more structured approach so the important issues are given due consideration before the final decision is made.

On the same day but a little earlier in Mississauga, The Growth Coach will be with us again. Ray Pons is an author and coach with a wide range of experience, see his website www.rapons.com. His focus will be on Strategic Thinking, which can get lost in the speed of today's communications and the apparent urgency generating so much pressure that there does not seem to be enough time to think effectively.

One of our Approved Service Providers is coming to Burlington on Wednesday. You can find the background of Nicole Jansen on the HAPPEN website. Nicole continues to help our members when they have found themselves in need of some personal help. You can always talk to Nicole for 15 minutes without any extra charge.

Our Pool of Talent

Members Profiles on our website this week.

Engineering 133
Executive 309
Finance 198
Human Resources 103
Information Systems 189
Management 306
Manufacturing 168
Materials Management 87
Sales & Marketing 358
Other Professions 161