Don't slow down now. This is the peak season for hiring. Past experience has shown that hiring continues throughout the holiday season. The many distractions of holiday preparations may seem more urgent to you and your family than the more important need to focus on your job search.

Organizations who suddenly realize they need new staff by the New Year may move on to the next candidate if they cannot easily contact you or you don't return their calls in a timely manner.

These are particularly challenging times, testing our resilience. We are very fortunate to have Dick O'Brien with us on Wednesday in Burlington. Dick is a legend in his own time and is in great demand as a speaker, motivator and coach. You will not likely have the chance to hear him again before you are employed.

This is the first time HAPPEN has had a flamenco dancer make a presentation. Those attending the Vancouver meeting this Tuesday will hear from Dr. Susan Biali who will encourage every one to enjoy more passion in their life. This portends to be a memorable morning.

Nearly all members are using LinkedIn as a powerful tool to enhance their job search. There are so many ways to utilize the various nuances of this electronic source that most of us do not use or even understand its full potential.

On Tuesday in Mississauga an online presentation will be given by Barbara Mackie working with Martin Buckland that will help us all to use this and other social media to support our search.

Our Pool of Talent

Members Profiles on our website this week.

Engineering 133
Executive 309
Finance 198
Human Resources 100
Information Systems 189
Management 304
Manufacturing 168
Materials Management 87
Sales & Marketing 358
Other Professions 161

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them