This is the last week to register for the Winter Issue of HAPPEN Candidate Profiles. The closing date will be this Friday 28 January at midnight.

For many years mailing this hard copy of member's salient information to over 500 influential corporate officers has proven effective.

Members may register through the website
http://happen.ca/direct_mailers or by using the link in this message or in person at the meetings this week. Processing will take place next week; you can expect to be contacted during the first few days of February.

Some helpful viewpoints about age have been aired in the past few days on the member's only HAPPENlink newsgroup. We have several members who have experience and knowledge of employment law and acceptable HR procedures.

In a couple of weeks Lior Samfiru will make a presentation to the Mississauga meeting. As one of our Approved Service Providers Lior Samfiru he is available for a free 15 minute telephone conversation with HAPPEN members about employment law. If members need further advice, they can agree to receive services at special HAPPEN rates.

Another Approved Service Provide will make a presentation in Mississauga this Tuesday. Nicole Jansen has been helping our members handle objections and setbacks that are part of the job search process.

The Direct mail campaign to distribute your HAPPEN Profile has commenced. Members may register through our website Direct Mail Profiles or in person at the morning meetings.

Returning members are able to speak to the power of this special HAPPEN tool.

It puts your vital information on the desk of the hiring influences. This one of the easiest ways for you to make sure you are noticed by people who can influence your selection.

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Our Pool of Talent

Members Profiles on our website this week.

Engineering 140
Executive 326
Finance 204
Human Resources 110
Information Systems 190
Management 319
Manufacturing 175
Materials Management 90
Sales & Marketing 374
Other Professions 164

More members are finding work and we will see more celebratory Tim-bits this week.

Please let me know when you find new employment. If you do not wish to disclose the name of your new employer, it would be helpful to know the general area of industry where you have found success.

Your path to new employment can be a guideline to others still in the hunt. We all need to learn what has not worked for you, as well has what finally produced the desired result.

I look forward to seeing you this week; it is the face to face interaction that produces the most job leads.

Robin Wright,
Executive Director