"You control you. You only control you. Only you control you. You control you only."

This quote from Dean Lindsay in his book "The Progress Challenge" emphasises that the way you react to your circumstances is under your control. The circumstances may not be under your control, but your attitude to those circumstances is under your control and is solely your responsibility.

Your methodical progress through this employment transition period is one of the benefits from talking to other HAPPEN members face to face. Because personal emotions are involved face to face interaction is needed to be able to receive and give empathetic feed back and understanding.

E-mail communications are very inefficient and often misleading when dealing with emotional interaction. If you have a negative reaction to an e-mail message, at least make a phone call to the sender, preferably set up a brief appointment for coffee to get a full face to face understanding. You may still disagree, but at least any confusion will be clarified.

During the private seminar for HAPPEN members, the need to clearly express your Unique Value proposition was explained. What is it that makes you the preferred candidate for the position under discussion?

This Wednesday in Burlington, Judy Suke will be with us again to help us Identify our value and consequently get the results we want Judy always inserts some humour in he presentations. Her success in overcoming many challenges gives credibility and great depth to her teaching.

Resumes are an important tool in the transition process. The style of presentation and the impact of the layout seems to change almost weekly.

A worldwide expert will be with us on Tuesday in Mississauga to show us the latest fashion in resumes. Martin Buckland has worked with HAPPEN members for many years assisting us to use this tool

You are in charge of your search. Read, listen, learn, and then do.

Our Pool of Talent

Members Profiles on our website this week.

Engineering 134
Executive 325
Finance 210
Human Resources 111
Information Systems 183
Management 319
Manufacturing 179
Materials Management 92
Sales & Marketing 378
Other Professions 169

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

Spring is here. The birds are back and singing. The flowers are up and glowing. More members advised they have found new employment. It is a great time to be able to participate. We look forward to hearing your enthusiastic stories this week.

Robin Wright,
Executive Director