Winter is with us, but not for long. It is only 8 weeks before we set our clocks to spring forward! By then your job search will have been successful. There may be some 'feedback' as you expect an offer, only to be told that another candidate was preferred. Use the tools available to you including the hard copy mailing of your HAPPEN Profile. At every networking meeting this week HAPPEN will provide information that will directly impact your job search.

Brian Bassett in Mississauga on Tuesday will cram a 5 hour
presentation into 3 hours to demonstrate how to use every opportunity to let the interviewer know why you will be the best fit for the job. This takes research and planning. Get your stories honed and so familiar that they just come out like natural conversation.

In Vancouver a few hours later Allan Knight is back to help you fine tune your 30 second infomercial. Be ready at any moment, not just for an elevator encounter.

On Wednesday in Burlington it will be time to be creative. Lori Raudnask will put attendees to work making their own vision boards. Prepare your goals and think big, it will be an exciting and different morning.

There are signs of increasing activity, but hiring at senior levels is still sluggish. The media are reporting gains in employment, but many management positions have left the country. Your next position may not be the same as your previous one.

The Direct mail campaign to distribute your HAPPEN Profile has commenced. Members may register through our website Direct Mail Profiles or in person at the morning meetings.

Returning members are able to speak to the power of the special HAPPEN tool.

It puts your vital information on the desk of the hiring influences. This one of the easiest ways for you to make sure you are noticed by people who can influence your selection.

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Our Pool of Talent

Members Profiles on our website this week.

Engineering 140
Executive 323
Finance 206
Human Resources 110
Information Systems 193
Management 317
Manufacturing 171
Materials Management 90
Sales & Marketing 368
Other Professions 16

Let me know directly when you find new employment please. Your news will encourage others still in the hunt.

Robin Wright,
Executive Director