HAPPEN members may provide a reduced attendance fee for their associates to any regular morning networking meeting. Instead of paying the regular visitor fee of $30, attendance is only $10 with a discount ticket.

The discount tickets are available at the registration table. The tickets may be used for the first attendance only. Telling your contacts of a two thirds off sale will help them remember you, and encourage them to forward job leads to you. No matter how new you are to the area, giving away the discount tickets with your business card will be remembered.

One of the major tools HAPPEN provides for the members is the strategy of using Personal Marketing Letters. This method of bringing your Unique Value Proposition to the attention of the managerial hiring influences is a proven alternative to firing off multiple copies of your resume in the hope that somebody, somewhere may actually read it. A more targeted approach to job search is needed.

This Tuesday in Mississauga Jim Geraghty of TellSell Marketing will demonstrate this strategy. Jim has been in the direct marketing business for many years. His success rate with this tool has been well above the nom expected in direct marketing.

There are HAPPEN members now employed in senior positions who used a Personal Marketing Letter to move them quickly through employment transition.

In the short time you have before you obtain new employment, you owe it to yourself to explore this unique career building strategy. Log in and preregister today! www.happen.ca/events

Your next employer will only get to hear about how you can address some of their challenges once they have called you in for a face to face interview.

Despite various rumours, parking in Mississauga and Burlington is still free.

The spring evening Alumni event will be held on Thursday 24 March. No ticket sales at the door.See Murray Etherington methers@sympatico.ca or one of the committee members as announced on HAPPENlink for tickets.

Now that the clocks have changed in this area and March break is over, we are all revitalized. Your turn is coming soon, just keep methodically building your network and following up the leads you already have.

Come and tell us how you succeeded in finding your new position.

Robin Wright,
Executive Director