Employers buy your skills that will solve challenges they have or expect to have. All organizations fundamentally are interested in making more profit, decreasing costs or increasing their services to meet or exceed set goals.

Some of the skills that employers will buy are:
Bias toward action
Cultural compatibility

These skills are quoted from Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0, a must read book for professionals in transition.

The business climate is forever changing, new tools and new methods are coming to the fore every day. Previous methods of job search will not put you in the lead in this very competitive market. Your existing well honed skills and vast experience may not be enough to convince your next employer that you are not only current with today's methods but are knowledgeable of upcoming trends. This is particularly true in reference to business communication both inside your organization and with clients, suppliers and the media.

Two exceptional workshops will be held in Ontario this week. The workshops will fill the morning program with a short break mid-morning.

On Wednesday in Burlington we are fortunate to have Dick O'Brien with us. Dick is able to put the debilitating energy sapping the long lonely job hunt into perspective. Everybody is rejuvenated by Dick's revelations and will remember his commentary when negatives and difficulties come your way again.

On Thursday in Toronto, HAPPEN is sponsoring a morning with the Association of Career Professionals. Their coaches will conduct a group presentation and lead small groups in round table discussions. Attendees will be asked to select the roundtable discussions in which they wish to participate.

Pre-registration has been substantial, we already know that we will have more than double our usual attendance. There is still room for you, please pre-register on our website www.happen.ca or pay at the door.