During a recent meeting with a new prospect, I noticed how fired up and positive he was. During our conversation he told me that he felt our current economic times are simply a time of resetting. Instead of looking at the challenges, he chose to see the opportunities within his business. Not surprisingly, his revenues are up. This prospect, along with a good friend of mine, inspired this week's tip.

Are you familiar with the expression, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it?" The language you use during the course of a day can have a tremendous impact on your results. For example, in recent weeks, I have heard people use expressions such as:

"We're clawing our way through these times."
"It's really tough out there."
"People aren't as easy to sell to as they used to be."
"It's a war zone out there."

While these comments may be accurate, every time you state them-either aloud or to yourself-you reinforce the difficulties associated with selling.

I recall talking to a coach during my second year of business. My business had taken off quickly and I distinctly remember saying, "This should be more difficult." Needless to say, a short time later, it became more difficult. When I rephrased my sentiments, revenues began to climb more easily. I'm not suggesting that using positive language will magically make your problems go away. However, what you say will either move you closer or further away from your goals.

Here's a suggestion: For one day, carefully monitor what you say and count the number of times you use language that is self-defeating, negative, or that expresses difficulty. Then change that phrase to positive focused language.

Have a productive and profitable week!
Kelley Robertson ~ Fearless Selling