It’s been said a career change ranks right up there with divorce and death. That’s not surprising to many of us as we know all too well the stress involved with changing our career paths. Even when we’ve worked to create a model resume, have a flawless employment history and solid work ethics, it can still be quite overwhelming.

If only we could find useful job hunting tips that would prevent us from making some of the more common mistakes, right? Keep reading – we’ve put together some of the best advice from a few of the best head hunters in the country.

Think you know how to write a resume? Maybe so, but you can always benefit from allowing another to give it the once-over. Better still, take a look at some of the free sample resume templates found on Grand Resume’s site. You might be surprised at how much better a sentence flows simply by removing or adding a word.

It’s also important to define your market. If you love computers and find working with humans frustrating (it happens), then you’ll fare better looking for a position that allows you to complete your work out of the limelight. Still, there are those who thrive on human contact and discover they’re far better suited with customer service positions. Keep in mind, a customer service resume will greatly differ from one of, say, a programmer’s resume. The goal of your resume is to outline your strengths, education and previous work history. Be sure it’s proper; resume skills are acquired, after all.

It’s easy to become discouraged, especially after you watch your dream position given to someone else. Remember though, this only means the right job for you is around the corner. You never know what will ultimately define your “dream job”. Take a leap of faith and see what happens.

Although it’s important to define your market, you don’t want to become so adamant that you miss out on other positions that, although may not be perfect now, can allow you to grow within your career. You’ll discover a bit of a challenge is always an excellent career move. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Step outside the box and at least consider other possibilities. Ultimately, it will be your decision; just don’t become your own worst enemy.

It’s also important to remember the role patience plays as you’re job hunting. It’s easy to become discouraged and in fact, is quite normal. Still, by remaining focused on the task at hand, you’ll discover the process isn’t nearly as dreadful as you had anticipated. Incorporating some or all of these useful job hunting tips should only be one of your tools.

Remember, if you’re struggling with your resume building efforts or preparing the ideal resume cover letter has you stumped, there are many resources available that can help guide you through this sometimes frustrating process.