Takeaways from July 8, 2009 “Tweaking your Job Search with Twitter” presentation by Rick Stomphorst

1. Claim your Twitter USERNAME (ID)
2. Your Twitter USERNAME does not have to be the same as Twitter FULL NAME. You can change your Twitter USERNAME at any time without loosing your followers.
3. Decide on your Twitter theme - Having a theme will result in you attracting like-mined-people. Be authentic – people crave this and unique “tweets”. Rambling, meaningless posts do not impress potential employers.
4. Create a Bio – for a job seekers purpose, this will be a “160 Character resume”. And yes, Bios are 160 characters, not 140.
5. Add your Linkedin URL to your profile. This will show up in your public Twitter Bio to direct potential employers to you.
6. Add your Twitter URL (eg. Twitter.com/StompR) to your LinkedIn account
7. Upload your LinkedIn avatar
8. Look for your target companies to follow
9. Look for recruiters to follow
10. Look for hashtags to search
11. Follow HAPPEN on Twitter - @MrHappen
12. Look for a Job! Remember, Twitter is just one tool in your job search tool kit. It shouldn’t replace your other tools.

The following lists the Twitter users and websites:

Twitterers posting jobs in Canada:

Twitterers posting jobs within the GTA & Golden Horseshoe area:

Twitterers posting jobs outside of the GTA:

Follow Local Recruiters:

Follow Jobs by Industry Jobs on Twitter:
@GetMiningJobs Mining Jobs
@GetMachinisJobs Machinist jobs
@tmj_ca_usa_jobs Canada and USA jobs. Also see tweetmyjobs.com
@tmj_acctjobs Accounting jobs
@tmj_HRjobs Human Resource jobs
@tmj_clerjobs Office / Clerical jobs
@tmj_ITjobs IT Jobs
@hashjobs A RT of Jobs posted with hashtag #job or #jobs
@tmj_insjobs Insurance Jobs
@juicyjobs Green jobs, also @coolclimatejobs
@alldevjobs Developer jobs
@libgig_jobs Library Jobs
@narmsjobs Retail marketing jobs
@tmj_healthjobs Healthcare jobs
@travelmaxallied Healthcare jobs
@medical_jobs Medical jobs
@Web_design_jobs Web design and other graphics jobs
@journalism_jobs Jobs in journalism
@cwjobs Copywriter jobs
@mediabistrojobs Media job listings from mediabistro.com
@media_pros Jobs for media pros
@socialmediajob Jobs in social media
@seojobs SEO job listings
@PRSAjobcenter Jobs in public relations communications and marketing

Follow Job Search resources on Twitter:
@MrHAPPEN – Happen.ca’s Twitter presence
@MartinBuckland – Friend of Happen.ca
@TheCareer100 - Following the top 100 career mavens on Twitter.

Twitter Job Search Resources:
www.twellow.com - search the bio contents of Twitter users. Good for finding companies or industries.
www.hashtags.org/tags - a library of hashtags used on Twitter.
www.Twitterjobsearch.com – real time searching for job postings on Twitter.
http://search.twitter.com - searching the Twitter feed (also now available directly from twitter.com)
www.twitscoop.com - an alternative web-client (to www.twitter.com web-client) to use the Twitter feed.
Tweetdeck.com – a powerful thick-client alternative (to www.twitter.com web-client) to use the Twitter feed. Need to download and install. Allows you to logically group Twitterer’s in to groups of your choosing.

8 Twitter Power Tips for Job Seekers: