How many times have you heard, "They were at the right place at the right time?" Their success seemingly was related to external circumstances. On the other side of the coin, some people see their failure as related to globalization, interest rate policy, the market or their boss. Both perspectives are incorrect. While yes, you may benefit or be negatively impacted by external elements, what role did your actions play in determining that success or failure?

How we define success and failure in our careers can also be related to our expectations. One of the keys to success is to take
responsibility for both your successes and your failures. Larry's mantra in life is, "Understand your responsibilities and your rights." When you do this, it brings a true sense of personal control over outcomes. When you are clear about what you do well and what you have control over, you can then work on these elements and take positive action toward something better. If you feel your success is a result of circumstances, then you are unlikely to want to change those circumstances. You can feel trapped in success and yet not be happy. If you feel trapped in failure, then you may become bitter and angry with those around you. Both are not constructive. They both are routed in not recognizing and taking action over the things that you have control over.

It may take a lot action or little action, but one thing I can guarantee is that improvement will require action. Larry shared "The critical element people leave out of becoming successful is action. Get busy even if you are doing the wrong thing and you will find out sooner."

About the author:
Alan Kearns runs Career Joy, http://www.CareerJoy.com