Donald Cooper , Knocked it out of the park, with his unique , funny , practical  and enlightening presentation to a full house of HAPPEN members and Visitors on September 29th in Mississauga.DC-photo-blue-head-face right

As a World -Class Management Consultant, Speaker and Entrepreneur , Donald thrilled the audience with his "no nonsense" , approach to business, Careers and Finding the right fit!  He generously provided all attendees with invaluable handouts, on-live tools and personal coaching base on his many years  as a leading Retailer  Sports, (Copper sports) and Fashion Industries.

The key message was defining your "Differentiation", which ultimately leads to one's success.

A snap shot of the audience's  reaction to Donald's wisdom is illustrated below.

62 of the attendees signed up to receive his Management E-Newsletter. That’s a very high percentage of the total audience. Below is a summary of the Feedback Sheets completed by those 62 attendees...

A) Ratings of Donald’s presentation for ‘Happen’:
- 2% rated my program as a 4 out of 5.
- 24% gave it a perfect 5 out of 5.
- 74% rated it as an over-the-top 6 out of 5.

B) Typical comments:
- Best presentation and insight ever given to Happen members.
- I loved your honesty!
- So many ‘keepers’. I loved it. Thank you.
- Bottom-line insights, energizing, inspiring, funny and real. Thanks.
- Fantastic. I could have listened to you for another hour.
- Best business presentation I’ve ever heard.
- Thanks for the Handout.
- I wish I had experienced this presentation 30 years ago.
- Superb presentation.
- So many insights and ‘keepers’. This truly was a 2-hour MBA.
- Insightful, passionate and fun.

For more information on Donald Cooper please see below;

Donald Cooper, MBA, CSP, HoF
Business Speaker and Coach
Toronto, Canada P: 1-416-252-3703 E: donald@donaldcooper.com W: donaldcooper.com