Thank You Letter to Tim Horton Company

The letter below was addressed to the President and CEO of Tim Hortons.

It’s a thank you to the maker of Timbits, the truly pan Canadian treat with which Happen members celebrate employment success during weekly meetings.

Their motto is particularly apt for Happen.

June 23, 2010

Tim Hortons®, being Canada’s favourite QSR brand with a strong commitment to community events, I thought you might like to hear of a Timbits’ ritual that has been taking place for more than a decade.  This is our story.

Happen® is Canada’s leading networking group for executives in transition. It’s a member-based organization whose purpose is to help managers and executives cultivate their professional networks and develop effective job search strategies.  Since its inception, Happen has assisted thousands of business professionals across all industries and disciplines.

Each week, Happen organizes reunions at various locations in the GTA and Vancouver.  Every meeting starts with a “good news” session that includes employment successes.  Later, during the coffee break, a cherished tradition is to celebrate a member’s employment news by sharing Tim Hortons® TIMBITS.  Needless

to say, when a member arrives with Timbits, we know that person has successfully transitioned into a Happen alumni.



As a company known for its close link to communities, this is one relationship that may be new to you.  And like the company’s career motto, Tim Horton’s has indeed been a welcome participant in Happen members’ career path.

Thank you for making a product that brings pleasure to the palate and celebrates success at Happen meetings


Ginette Herald

Marketing Strategist & Happen Member

P.S.  The Happen Group website is located at www.happen.ca