Job search ideas will vary depending on the person, needs and interests.

One can get a better understanding about what may work best by attending networking meetings such as at HAPPEN and networking with people who are experiencing a similar situation, ie: between successes.

1) One should register with various (and appropriate) job boards (Workopolis and Monster, at least).
2) Seek out recruiters that specialize in placing people in your industry.
3) Get invited to join LinkedIn and use that as a part of your ONGOING networking efforts.
4) As many jobs are not posted, the use of marketing letters and networking phone calls are paramount to your success. While it may be difficult for some to overcome the fear of making "cold calls", this is a key and necessary tactic.
5) Treat your job search as a full time job!
6) Set up specific and measurable weekly goals to meet. Concentrate on high value activities that support getting that dream job.

I developed a simple Excel spreadsheet with goals in 4 spheres:
a) Professional Job Search Activities
b) Companies to Check (ones I would like to work for)
c) Hobbies (for those needed rewards)
d) Personal/Home Activities (quality time ONLY)
Let me know If you want me to email you a copy.

YOU have to do the work and make the effort - as far as I know, nobody gets a job without putting in the effort.

Final Note: HAPPEN is the perfect support group for people between successes. HAPPEN provides a place to meet other professionals to share job hunting tips and job leads while those same professionals give support and advice (when asked) to your efforts. HAPPEN facilitates guest speakers who provide stimulating sessions that motivate and uplift while instilling knowledge useful to the search and life after "landing" that new job.

HAPPEN will help one stay positive, focused and productive while providing a stimulating environment for networking and learning how to handle this transition period.

Networking WORKS and HAPPEN is all about networking!
Good Job Hunting

Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
Technical Product Marketing Professional
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