I came across some good websites with job-hunting resources which I would like to share with the other members of Happen. Please consider posting the following information and resources; I obtained the permission of their authors to make them available to the Happen membership:

Graham Riley and Kevin Donlin are the authors of several valuable job-hunting resources and some of them can be easily accessed on their respective websites: www.back-2-work.com and www.TheSimpleJobSearch.com.

Kevin kindly agreed that one of his articles, "The Simple Job Search Manifesto", be made available to all members of Happen, and I am attaching the pdf file of this document. The Simple Job Manifesto

At the same time he sent me the following notification which I would also like to share with the membership:
NOTE: I will be coming to Toronto to speak with my business partner, David
Perry, on 11/16 or 11/18. Until then, I would invite you and other members
of your group to download our Guerrilla Job Search audio at no charge here:
www.gm4jh.com/freecd ... And keep your eyes open for announcements on
Linkedin about our seminar in Toronto!
Best regards,
Kevin Donlin, Co-Creator
Guerrilla Job Search System

Courtesy of
Danuta Kierek-Jaszczuk