Shortlisting Services

Our Shortlisting Service is designed for Managers who simply do not have the time to post and promote job openings, sift through hundreds of resumes, or spend hours screening potential candidates. A dedicated HR Professional will measure candidates on several dimensions to predict their potential and narrow down your search to  the top candidates. Letting us focus on these administrative shortlisting tasks will allow you to focus your valuable time on your business.

How it Works:


The best chance of making a great hire starts with knowing exactly who you’re looking for! During your introductory call with your Dedicated HR Representative we will establish and create a comprehensive job profile as well as confirm the Shortlisting process with you.


Based on the job profile that has been established, a customized job ad will be written by one of our HR Professionals and presented to you for confirmation. Utilizing our best practice knowledge and studies, we will create job ads that will attract the right candidates to apply and the wrong ones to stay away.


In order to have the best chance to make a great hire, you need to cast the widest net possible! All jobs through PIVOTAL’s Shortlisting Service will be posted on Workopolis, Indeed and Simply Hired. Additional postings can be purchased and posted.


All candidates that apply through our Shortlisting Service will be assessed on their qualifications, traits (through psychometric testing) and culture fit. Each candidate will be scored based on their match with the job profile which provides us with a much better assessment than just reading their resume!


PIVOTAL will coordinate up to 10 phone interviews for candidates that have been selected as potential fits for your role. The phone interview will confirm all information we have collected during the application process as well as address any job specific items you would like to confirm during this stage of the recruitment process.


Once the top ‘interviewable’ candidates have been selected PIVOTAL will schedule all in-person interviews for you. You will be provided with a customized interview guide for each candidate which will help you assess the candidate’s fit based on the job profile as well as any potential ‘red flags’ highlighted in their application.

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