From Martin Buckland...
Don’t stop your job search during this holiday season but rather, ramp it up! Sharing Season’s Greetings and an active Job Search are a great deal more compatible that you may think.

No other time of year presents as many opportunities to get together with friends and family and even strangers than the many events that are planned throughout the month of December in the spirit of sharing season’s greetings. This is your chance to accept every available invitation and while sharing in the celebrations, network, network, network! No job search tool is as effective or as successful as networking!

For many who are not at ease with networking, this time of year presents a perfect opportunity. As the holiday season unfolds it generates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Most people are more receptive, friendlier and many are more apt to share a truly, genuine smile. This is the time of year that transitions even the most unreceptive and stoic of individuals into those filled with camaraderie and joy. It is a time for giving and caring and sharing. So share the story of your job search and reap the benefits of a new contact or a new lead but be sure to keep in the spirit of the holidays and that of networking by asking what it is that you can do to help in return.

You probably haven’t seen your cousin since this time last year and if you didn’t share information about your job search including your interest in a specific company, you would never have discovered that his neighbour is not only the CEO but a close friend! The fact that you are able to offer your mechanical expertise to help your cousin get his recently acquired, antique vehicle on the road is surely what networking and the holidays are all about.

After a month of celebrating and networking, your New Year’s resolutions should come easily:
* Follow up on contacts and leads
* Acquire your dream job
* Give back

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