Internet Scam....... Nothing is for free ......

Well it looks like I am on the end of another Internet Scam. I am sharing this information with all and sundry in the hope that you don't get caught yourself, as it is so easy to happen.

Here is the story:
I was on a "healthy" web site checking for some information when a banner ad down the right side of the page caught my eye: "Lose weight in just a few days, We will send you a free sample to try."

I clicked on the ad I got taken to an impressive web-site promoting Acai Berry and the benefits of Colon Cleansing. Yes, all you have to do is follow some simple steps, name, mailing address, credit card info to cover shipping costs of $9.95, and the free samples would be sent out right away.

Why they even had a video clip of Katie Couric being interviewed by one of the networks on her views on Colon Cleansing. She thought Colon Cleansing is so important to do, having lost her husband to colon cancer at age 42;
I am impressed, Katie Couric no less; Images of 9/11 come to mind as I recall her coverage on that horrible day, her first day on the job with CNN. So I follow the simple steps and as promised I received two sets of sample tablets separately, Acai Berry Detox and Life Cleanse. I even had to pay GST and Handling charges to Canada Customs of an additional amount of $42+ for the shipment of tablets.

Fast Forward 2 months and see Chris opening his Credit Card statement and looking over the charges........

YIKES: 2 separate charges of US$119.02 each are on the statement totalling C$266.76.

No problem man, I'll just call CIBC VISA and they will remove the charges as it is an obvious error.


CIBC said that during the "process" of providing my information, I would have clicked on a box accepting their Terms and Conditions and within the Terms and Conditions are buried statements that unless I call within 15 days from placing the order to advise the Company that I do not want any future product, then I am agreeing to be charged for these samples.

I said to the Customer Service Rep at Visa that I don't recall clicking on any such box, and how is it that he is so familiar with what I would have done? To which he replied "We get lots of calls like this everyday Sir!"

So if you folks know this to be a scam why are you processing these charges and refusing to refund them. Because You agreed to their Terms and Conditions, therefore it is not a scam! What You need to do is contact the Company and cancel your "subscription/membership" get a cancellation number from them and return the product by registered mail, and if you can prove to us that you have canceled (with the Company's cancellation number) and returned the products (with proof of it having been sent back), then we will be able to disallow FUTURE billings from that Company to your credit card. But unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about the current charges!

Well I tried to call the Company's Customer Service Department this afternoon, but since it is located in Poland, I will have to try again early tomorrow morning.

I then went back to their web site and using fictituous names etc. went through the process again and VIOLA during the process, up comes a screen where the product is displayed with the shipping charges of $9.95 and two boxes already checked saying I agree to have my credit card charged for the shipping costs, and the other one says, I agree to the Terms and Conditions which to me is saying, I agree to having my card charged for the amount being shown...


At the very, very bottom of the page, below all the testimonials extolling the virtues of Acai Berry and Colon Cleansing, there are links for Privacy Policy, Customer Service, Terms and Conditions, etc.

I click on Terms and Conditions and YES SIREE BOB, I have unknowingly agreed to a monthly shipment of two sets of tablets each costing 69GBP.

Well the story has not ended as I still have to cancel tomorrow, I hope my Polish is good enough, and I still intend to pursue this through CIBC Visa.

What I have a hard time understanding is that the Banks are aware of these scams going on "We get lots of calls like this everyday Sir!" but they are not warning Joe Public about it.

Now that you know how it works, don't get caught yourself.

Here are 2 URLs that may cause you pain if you are not careful:

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