Last week the Mississauga HAPPEN group was privileged to hear Dick O'Brien talk about the value of resilience in our lives. The idea of resilience came up again in today's Globe and Mail in the Life Section. Columnist Judith Timson wrote that she was no fan of Conrad Black finding him arrogant and often "slagging both working journalists and Canada." But, after reading about how Black is faring in a Florida prison she is changing her opinion.

Apparently Black is giving standing-room only lectures on American history to his fellow prisoners and is filing a regular column to his old newspaper The National Post. All this despite the prospect of six years in an American prison.

Timson says in her article "You don't have to believe in Lord Black's innocence - and most of us don't - to give him his due for gracefully surviving what many of us would find unbearable."

Even Black's marriage to journalist Barbara Amiel is also demonstrating the same resilience. Isn't this what O'Brien talked about so passionately in Mississauga last week?