Jim Pagiamtzis, a popular HAPPEN presenter, has sent us another great posting. Thanks Jim and here's the posting:

Reading should be a lifetime assignment. There are multiple online& offline resources that are available to you.

Below are few topic areas to consider.


Everyone of success has a story from Fred Smith, Donald Trump (business tycoon)  to Jim Carey (actor) their beginnings are worth reading and inspiring for everyone to “Go Big” in any venture. Heroes of yesterday from former presidents Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan have gone through journeys to have reach their level of success.


Success is defined in different ways from generating wealth to succeeding in business. For some it may be create money, for others it may be type of lifestyle they want to live. Perhaps having the ability to travel the world and visit Australia and different destinations in Europe or go an Cruise of a lifetime with family and friends.


John C. Maxwell has written over 15 books on various parts of Leadership from 360 Degree Leader to Failing Forward. We have been leaders throughout our lives either in school, sports or in social functions, its continuous process of learning and growing to be effective and efficient to get the task complete.


Living in a diverse community the importance and focus of working well together to have synergistic ability to combine our strengths and to work on our weakness, team activity allows that to happen and create atmosphere that daily issues are resolved and work get done either on the dock or in administration.

These are just a few resources that can read about for 15 minutes during your day either while have breakfast or while relaxing on the weekend enjoying the sun.

Jim Pagiamtzis is published author, speaker and Elite Entrepreneur.