Author Lori Raudnask has sent us a posting about persistence. Persistence is key to making positive changes in our lives. Here's what Lori says:

Persistence is all about taking ACTION.  We are a few weeks into the New Year and already I am hearing people say they gave up on their New Year’s Resolutions. 

Putting yourself into action is a powerful gift that will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Have you ever found yourself knowing that you are at a standstill in something you should be doing but you just can’t seem to get active?  Think of one thing in your business or personal life that may be keeping you from being completely active.  Once you have the picture in your mind ask yourself “who is working on this problem”. 

Spending energy and time worrying about a problem isn’t taking action on the problem.  Give it the full attention it deserves and focusing on finding a solution is working on it.  It helps by talking to someone who knows the answer or who has been through what you are going through right now, or just plain taking it out with someone you can confide in.  Once you make a list of solutions it is easier to get to the root and begin taking action again!

I hear a lot of times the reason people don’t take action is because they feel it is too difficult.  Difficult is such a big word.  What does it really mean? 

I was speaking to a group of 200 women last Saturday and the marble floor was wet and I fell spraining not one but both feet.  I was also organizing the event so leaving was not an option in my mind.  When I spoke in the afternoon, my ankles and feet were killing me.  I presented without shoes on and let me tell you presenting in front of 200 women with no shoes on was difficult!  Comparing this to making a few more calls, making a sale, presenting your pitch, going after what you want– that isn’t difficult. 

It takes practice and accountability to your own actions.  The key to action is commitment, standing by your decision and then going for it.  It is getting rid of the fear of rejection.  The enemy of success is fear.  Think of all the things you did for the first time and were fearful and then now that you have mastered them they are easy.  Go to that time that you had that success to help build up what is already inside of you to be true.  Let fear motivate you to get the action you want but be persistent.

Lori Raudnask


Persistence Pays – How getting what you want is easier than you think.