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2-Day Boot Camp

In a 2-day hands-on interactive in-classroom format, including using one’s laptop and cell phone, participants learn how to access the hidden job market and deliver impact-full professional messages that command the attention of decision makers and open up opportunities through SMARTSearch, networking, direct marketing, and professional online branding including social networking and LinkedIn best practices. Additionally, participants also learn how to optimize their resumes to get more hits and how to increase the probability of an interview with a special “get noticed” delivery mechanism.

16-Days of Post Boot Camp Support

Participants are primed for success through ongoing support and accountability. The follow-on section of the program is based on a structured detailed 16-day post boot camp plan, including delivery of assignments on a fixed time schedule, activity tracking, group coaching, an appointed accountability partner, and access to boot camp leaders to get questions answered, re-focus, adjust, and/or customize approaches as need be.

Career Planning, Management, and Development

In addition to the initial 16-days of support, participants receive ongoing and continuous support through inclusion in an exclusive mastermind group focused on career management and professional visibility optimization to assure professional career viability for years to come.

About Paul

Veteran career management professional Paul Hill is a job search pioneer with over 29 years of significant projects recognized by industry peers and by professionals in-transition as groundbreaking in the areas of job search, social networking, and professional branding.

He is a published author of the international bestselling book The Panic Free Job Search, a professional speaker, and a job search trainer. His work has appeared on radio, television, and in publications such as CTV, CBC, CBS, ABC, Globe and Mail, and Cosmopolitan.

He delivers professional development and career training for professional associations including the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), The American Society of Quality (ASQ), Association of Career Professionals International (ACP International), and NCON Professional Development Conference.

Paul is currently collaborating with Microsoft to bring job search and digital technology training to the Mississauga community. He is the Director of Career Services at HAPPEN Inc., Canada’s largest network for professionals in transition. He is the principal of Transition to Hired and the lead trainer of the Ultimate Job Search Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Video Testimonials

Testimonial from Boot Camp Graduates

I have landed. I want to thank you for recommending Paul Hill’s boot camp. I had been out of work for over 4 years and I am over 60 years old. Let me tell you everyone at Happen needs to go through the boot camp. It is not just about getting a job -which it will get people it is also about changing your life! I followed Paul Hill’s training to a “T” and landed my dream job as an International Sales Manager for a Burlington based Automation Company targeting the welding supply industry within 31 days. He delivers much more than he promises and one thing people will realize is there is hope and they don’t have to settle for what is available to them-he shows you how to go out and get it. When I went in to this boot camp I really did not think I would get a job – Paul and Navgeet turned us all around – and I left full of confidence, followed his process just as Paul said -and made it happen. I want to thank everyone at Happen and I highly recommend the boot camp to everyone….Eric McCarron

When one is in transition, one must chose wisely where they get their coaching assistance. Paul Hill provides exceptional value by way of his boot camp. He forces you to step out of your comfort zone and commit to the process which will land you your dream job. His approach is practical and makes sense. He then follows up with you and makes you hold yourself accountable. In my opinion everyone who is looking for work should enroll in Paul's Boot Camp.....Marg Browne

Paul is a passionate and supportive trainer as well as a compelling and persuasive speaker. He is very knowledgeable about what it takes to get you your target job in the current job market. I can honestly say that through the Job Search Boot Camp he gave me the much needed framework, tools, motivation and confidence to begin and continue networking in a sector where I knew no one when I started. He took the raw material I presented and helped me channel my passion and drive into a productive career management plan. Thanks very much indeed, Paul .....Rasheeda Qureeshi

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