Jim Pagiamtzis is a good friend of HAPPEN. He spoke last year to the Burlington group. Here's a New Year's gift from Jim:


Effective Networking utilizing the P-A-R Strategy

As we begin the New Year it’s important to have a strategy in meeting new contacts and learning from existing ones

Using the P-A-R Strategy below:

Present (Business Card)

When you meet people have a business card is the most important tool to have due the fact that many people don’t carry it with or don’t have them. Was an event recently and filled 2 pages of names of contacts who didn’t have cards (and this was a networking event!) Business card is your billboard, it should simplistic and information should be on one side only. Back side should be blank. Reason is if the person you are contacting doesn’t have a card they simply put information on the back of the card. (Name, email and phone number)

Adjust (Attitude)

As you are interacting with people have a positive attitude when you are asking a question or listening to an answer. You only have on chance to make a first impression and being able to adjust your attitude and deal with different personalities will make the experience mutually beneficial for both parties.

Respond (Key Questions)

Being prepared with a few questions will make question and answers flow easily and effortlessly. The Power of Meeting New People by Debra Fine is great book which share great information on asking open-ended questions from vacation to business. Effective networking is when you can just ask a few questions with specific intent and having the ability to listen and respond with accuracy which in the end creates the road to build trust and loyalty moving forward.


Jim Pagiamtzis published writer and speaker and entrepreneur has written for Toronto Public Library and spoken for Enterprise Toronto, Happen and Career Door Inc.  Email at payamgis@gmail.com