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How bad is the job market? Statistically, you have a better chance of getting into the University of Pennsylvania than getting an offer of employment. (Six people are currently looking for work for every job opening; there are roughly five applicants for every slot at Penn.) It’s no wonder that in addition to the almost 15 million Americans who are officially unemployed, the government says there are 758,000 “discouraged workers” who are out of work but have temporarily halted their job search for lack of results.

But giving up on your job hunt is one of the worst things you can do ― the longer you’re unemployed, the harder it is to get hired by sometimes skeptical employers, and the bigger hit you’re likely to take to your salary when you do find something. There are, however, much better ways to make contacts and look for jobs than sitting around in your underwear sifting through listings on Monster.com: Here’s how to light a match under your stalled job search and get back in the game.

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4 Simple Steps to Get Your Job Mojo Back

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