Presented on April 20th 2010, Mississauga Happen meet. 

Shirley Edwards, Coach, Consultant and Facilitator of Open Mind Coaching Services gave an uplifting presentation to emPOWER people looking for work to be clear, confident and ‘enrolling’ when communicating with prospective employers.

She addresses ‘structural’ body language to uplift your mood, COMPLETION to be clear and ready to receive; your ‘USP’ – unique selling proposition of unique talent; and your future intention of BEING for ‘enrolment’.  She encourages further self discovery and reflection as part of the opportunity of the transition – particularly for ‘experienced’ professionals who ‘swim’ in the same pool of many experienced professionals.

The name of the game is to customize for yourself and differentiate yourself for your employer – to find the right ‘fit’ – for not only a job, but a job that will be fulfilling and last.  

The presentation content-

1.   Icebreaker

  • Think of something that makes you mad, sad, down or worried.
  • Everyone stand.
  • Now look at the ceiling a grin….
  • Now look at your neighbour – don’t they look silly?
  • Now just notice how you feel about what you were mad, sad or worried about.
  • Now sit down!
  • How did that change how you feel?

2.   Agenda

  • Completion.
  • Transferable Value: Authentic You.
  • Communicate With Confidence.
  • Networking Funwork and Bonus.
  • Summary and Conclusion.
  • Evaluation and Invitation.

 LP #1: Completion

  • What didn’t you get to finish or say before you left your last job?
  • Throw in bag around my neck metaphorically and  ‘mock’ asking for a job.
  • 3  C’s:
  • Clearing – all that needs to be said, dump with no ‘story’ with ‘dumpster’.
  • Cleaning -  responsibility with no judgment, hard feelings or revenge .
  • Clapping – acknowledgement of BEING in past and creating a future .
  • Pair Share .
  • Share results.

 LP#2: Transferable Value: Authentic You.

  • You are a ‘unique blend’ of characteristics and experiences.
  • Give you your ‘competitive advantage’ and differentiate yourself.
  • One is our Unique Talent – so automatic we don’t know it ourselves – but people in our lives can help us ‘distinguish it from asking first yourself: “What do you count on me for? – bring or do?
  • Pair Share and Share results x 3

 LP#3: Communicate with Confidence.

  • BE/ DO/ HAVE – fake it till you make it, imagination!  Le  Jim Carey.
  • Enrolment – I’ll have what she’s having!!!…be catching! Le Shawanaga
  • Registration – fear of rejection and relationship to no Vs. game of collecting no’s.
  • POSSIBILITY – being without attachment – exploration.
  • Concerns to transform with possibility – What are some of your concerns – how else could you ‘BE’…ask audience.

 LP #4 : Funwork and Bonus.

  • Core Values: For fulfillment and job satisfaction – Must  Haves!
  • Example of Honesty …have 3 people ‘define’
  • Example of Explorer – ED job vs. Virtual Coach/ Counsellor !
  • Pair Share: a) Hero, Peak Experience, Triggered - listen for the ‘hits’ and key words, what they value and how they describe it. 

LP#5 : Acknowledgement and Gratitude.

  • COURAGE to be OPEN to learning and new challenges and pathways.

About the author:

Shirley Edwards is a Coach, Consultant and Facilitator of Open Mind Coaching Services .

Open Mind Coaching Services specializes in the health, social services and disabilities fields. However, Shirley says that many clients are working through career transition as a key area of looking for more fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives regardless of the fields they are in, come from are want to go to. 

Shirley specializes in personal and professional leadership – for work and family. Her training plus her background as a caregiver for more than 25 years – both of a son with disabilities and a senior with health challenges – and her background as a program developer and director gives her a unique, holistic perspective on leadership. Her overall mission is to transform ‘conversations of victimhood’ to ones of leadership – for innovation and abundance. Shirley feels it’s a privilege to contribute and to empower your contribution. Thank you! 

More about the purpose of Open Mind Coaching Services and Shirley can be found on the web site: www.openmindcs.com. For conversations for what’s possible for you or your group, team or organization, call 647-827-0821.