Jim Geraghty, president of HAPPEN, was contacted by CBC Radio to request HAPPEN participation during a scheduled debate on Sept. 29th.

Here's Jim's Email:

Now is your chance to ask the decision makers, how they plan to address the challenges facing experienced workers in today economy. The CBC has invited HAPPEN members to participate in a debate scheduled for September 29th  in Toronto.

They are looking for people that are currently experiencing the challenges of job search in today's market, and are inviting members to submit their questions and challenges directly to  their media person Matt  at matthew.barrington@cbc.ca .

I've promised Matt, a lively response, so please submit your questions and copy me as we want to help them make this a debate to remember.   As they say there is no such thing as BAD advertising, who knows, your next employer could be watching. This is a great opportunity to help yourself and others.

Good Luck


From CBC:

It's voting time in Canada and CBC wants to hear from you.

In the lead-up to the election, representatives from the political

parties have been invited to a series of town hall debates across

the country. Audience members will be asking the party

candidates questions related to a major Canadian issue.

To make this happen, we need you.

Canadians have identified the economy as a key issue in this

election. That’s the subject of our first debate, which will take

place on the evening of September 29th in Toronto at the CBC

Broadcasting Centre. We are looking for people who have

recently become unemployed due to changes in the economy.

This is your chance to put your questions about the economy to

our political leaders.

If you're interested in participating or know someone who might

be, please reply to the email address or phone number below.

Please include the one question you’d most like to see the

political parties debate.

Please contact:

Matt Barrington


416 205 3159