I have been asked by many to post the Excel tool that I use for tracking both my weekly goals and my company contacts (not networking). Please feel free to email me a request for the spreadsheet bwebb50.at.cogeco.dot.ca

I will try to sent it to you within 1 business day.

It is comprised of 2 sections:
1) Weekly goals - fill in your own to track. I save each weeks in a folder.

2) List of ALL Contacts for jobs (call, email, submitted CV, etc.)
For this, if I need to follow up, I will copy a row and place it where I want it and change the date. Use CTRL-D to sort by date - newest at the top.

Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
Technical Product Marketing Professional
(seeking a new opportunity)

PS: I could not load it here as WordPress does not support XLS or ZIP files...