By Sara Curto

Whether you are just graduated, currently employed or recently let go, you are beginning your job search journey.  This journey will be a tough one, one with a lot of self-reflection, ups and downs with the goal to find your way into an opportunity that leaves you feeling fulfilled.

Most job searches are chaotic and disorganized which tends to leave you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.  The more stressed you feel the more it will come across to potential employers especially during an interview.  The Job Search Roadmap’s goal is to help you focus on a job search that is structured with intentional choices.

The Job Search Roadmap covers the four main parts of a job search process:

  1. Introspection
    • Self-Discovery – who am I? What are my skills, interests and motivations?
    • What are my Career Goals?
    • What are my Career Options?
  2. Marketing Plan
    • What is my personal brand?
    • Resume and Cover Letter
    • Social Media Strategy – LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
    • Elevator Speech
  3. Job Search
    • Research
    • Networking – events, LinkedIn, informational interviews
    • Job Boards
    • Job Fairs, if relevant
    • Recruitment Agencies
  4. Getting Hired
    • Interview Preparation every step of the way (phone, face to face)
    • References
    • Negotiating the best offer – know your worth (salary, bonus, vacation)
    • Mentally prepare for the first three months.


The recommended next step is to create an action plan covering off these areas.  When can you complete them, what may get in the way of you completing them.

Following this structured plan for your job search will result in you feeling more organized and content which will translate to potential employers and increase the likelihood of you succeeding in finding your way to a fulfilling career.

Sara Curto is a Career Management Specialist with 15 years of experience as a Career Coach and Talent Acquisition Specialist in the education, corporate and recruitment agency world.  She is passionate about helping people discover and land a career that brings them satisfaction, challenge and happiness.