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It is possible to Bulletproof Your Finances after Sudden Unemployment or Transition? Jackie believes the answer to this question is YES. The key lies in whether or not you are financially organized and prepared for what is considered the “new normal” in the job market. Now is the time to take charge of your career and finances and make the most of this time is your life.

Jackie Porter is a Certified Financial Planner with Carte Wealth Management.  She has been an advisor for 17 years after taking a package with a large telecom company that was in the midst of downsizing. At that time Jackie decided that taking a package and obtaining her Certified Financial Planner designation was a golden opportunity for her to pursue her passion in financial management. She now regularly advises her clients on how to make the most of their severance or retirement package in the context of a financial plan.

HAPPEN members are entitled to:

  • a complimentary 360 Degree Assessment of their current financial health
  • This assessment provides concrete strategies and how they can Bulletproof their finances while in transition so they can focus on building career and life they are after.

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