Is your Resume getting you all the interviews you expect?


IF NOT, why not try another approach?

Introducing Canada's only PUSH job search strategy, that gets results and bypasses the gatekeepers.

HAPPEN has partnered with, well known Executive Recruiter Wayne Percy to develop a resume/profile that gives hiring professionals exactly the information they need to request an interview.

Which of these two documents would you read first?

If you aren't a member join below for $9.97p/m then,

Select the option that works best for You!


Option #1 – e-Profiles for Members that are Actively Looking . $225 plus HST.

We will help you develop your 2-page Send-out Brochure:

  • Distribution of your HAPPEN e-Profile to our list of HR contacts,
  • You develop a list of 20 specific companies that you would like to work for and we will a) call each of them individually , then b) send your profile to them individually,
  • The once in a Lifetime** fee is just $225 plus HST. In the event of a repeat program at a later date, you will only be charged $100 for the list of 20 specific send-outs.

Option #2 – Blinded e-Profile for those who are Looking but still Employed.    $425 + HST.

If you are employed or on contract and do not want the world to know about your search:

  • We will help you develop a Blinded e-Prolife for specific distribution,
  • We will help you develop a list of 50+ potential employers, call each of them and send your profile,
  • The fee for the Blinded e-Profile program is just $425.
  • If you need additional contact list ‘Research’ help, we have a researcher available for $30 / hour.

Option #3 – Professional Practice for those over $250K that drive Shareholder Value.  $3500+ HST

We will develop a custom Professional Practice outline for you and,Help you develop a list of over 100 target CEO’s to a) contact directly and b) try to generate their interest in your portfolio,

  • We will also send your profile by Registered Mail to 30 of the company Presidents listed above,
  • We will do the Long List research to develop a lost of over 100 target company contacts
  • The fee for a Professional Practice program is $3500 with a $50% deposit and 50% when you find your new role.


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