Happen at Night Networking Group Focused on the Future of Work


HAPPEN Networking is launching HAPPEN at Night, a networking group for professionals focused on exchanging ideas and information about the ever changing future of work and its intersections with career management, income security, technology, and health.

HAPPEN Networking Group, the largest network for professionals focused on career management and transition in Canada is launching HAPPEN at Night in partnership with Transition to Hired. HAPPEN at Night will provide career motivated professionals with the tool kit to deal with the ever changing work landscape by focusing on the intersections of career management, income security, technology, and health.

Employed, self-employed, underemployed, unemployed, or transitioning, financial security is top of mind for professionals and depends largely on setting up strong professional connections through in-person networking and HAPPEN at Night is providing the venue for this to take place. Representatives from leading employers will have the opportunity to meet and network with top talent in technology, finance, engineering, and health care plus many more disciplines.

When asked why HAPPEN at Night matters, the international best selling author of The Panic Free Job Search book, Paul Hill said "How safe is your job? Most professionals who land a new job put the breaks on networking. We know that the majority of jobs do not last a life time and are in reality no more than project based or temporary employment even though the misnomer "permanent" is often applied to these jobs. It is therefore critical for all professionals to understand the importance of getting out to networking meetings in order to practice sound career management. It's not what you do between 9 to 5 that matters most in your career it's what you do between 5 to 9."

Digital networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter have changed the way people network and do business but have these digital networks removed the need for in-person networking?

On the subject of digital networks and the value of in-person networking, the CEO of HAPPEN, Jim Geraghty said, "Many digital networks exist but how many real connections are being formed digitally? Lasting and trustworthy long term relationships happen by meeting people and exchanging ideas and professional connections in-person.”

“The digital space is a great place to find like minded professionals and initially touch base but creating those lasting relationships are done in person. It’s by connecting in-person that you create a real network and let’s face it your network is your net worth today!" exclaimed Geraghty.

“I am looking forward to Happen at Night to keep up my professional networking, help others, and learn from subject matter experts in personal productivity apps, health and career management, parallel to developing a career. I thoroughly believe networking, whether you are employed or in transition, is a critical factor today for sound career management, ensuring you continue to improve and reach your personal and career goals, said Gary Newbury, National Home Delivery & Last Mile Logistics Senior Executive/Consultant.

"Coming to Canada I quickly realised, similar to England, companies continue to right-size with people losing jobs as a consequence. To find a great job in Canada, not just one that is “available” on the internet, an effective job searcher has to create professional relationships by actively networking, seeking out opportunities that have not been advertised, where the competition is very rarefied. It was through Happen and working with Paul Hill from Transition to Hired which helped to provide me with the skills, confidence and know how to build an extensive professional network, focused on the logistics sector and, more specifically, Last Mile logistics here in Canada. I am very excited about the new opportunity I have recently landed, but really know that networking must be continued to keep the momentum up, as you never know what is just around the corner,” said Mr. Newbury.

The HAPPEN at Night group, part of HAPPEN Inc. will meet in the Toronto area and is open to all career minded professionals. Networking meetings will take place between 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month. Each meeting will feature a presentation by a subject matter expert on career management, technology, or health followed by a structured networking session that engages everyone in the room.

The HAPPEN at Night group is led by Paul Hill, Founder and Lead Trainer at Transition to Hired and Director of Career Services for HAPPEN Inc. and Navgeet Bajaj, Vice President of Client Success at Transition to Hired

To find out more about the launch date follow @HAPPENatNight on twitter and visit Happen.ca often for upcoming announcements.

Transition to Hired and Paul Hill
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The HAPPEN Network
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For more information: Navgeet Bajaj at 416-825-1933.