HAPPEN president Jim Geraghty reports that the "in placement program launched in conjunction with Privotal HR Solutions last April has undergone some tweaking that has improved service.

Here's how: 

  • the workshop has been restructured and a meeting with Pivotal's Recruiters takes place within a week of signing up for the workshop.
  • The workshop content has been fine tuned to deliver the "insider's perspective" we promised .
  • The workshop is being delivered by Mike Salveta, Pivotal's COO, who brings the "big picture" reality that he sees in dealing with over 600 clients in the GTA area alone.
  • Finally we have set mutually agreed expectations to ensure that we continue to meet our members needs.

Below is an important note for a HAPPEN Member - Adam Usajewicz that captures the true value of the In-Placement workshop and supports the subject. I especially like his quote "not for the feint of heart", as this is exactly what we wanted to deliver.



Hello Jim,

A quick note for some positive feedback on the Happen Pivotal Sessions. I had the good fortune to attend the August 19th In-placement Session at Pivotal Solutions. The presenter/coach was Mike Salveta , COO.

The presentation given by Mike was phenomenal – it truly provided incredible insight into the recruiters’ world. Mike engaged the group from the outset – shaking and challenging our perceptions of how candidate/job seekers are seen (not for the feint of heart). His perspective at times clashed with traditional job seeking philosophies that most of us had been exposed to through outplacement, etc. If seeing is believing, Mike showed the group, through real life examples, what a recruiter goes through using Workopolis and how his staff filters resumes for filling potential work orders. I was the test subject.

My jaw dropped when I learned that of the four or five CV’s I have posted on various job boards – mine was not to be found – implying that most recruiters/employers are not finding me when searching - I am being excluded from consideration for various marketing opportunities. Mike brought home the point that each of us must clearly articulate in the first few lines of the CV our USP – if we fail to do this we’re lost in a sea of hundreds of potential candidates. Keeping one’s resume updated on job boards is also essential. Case in point – in a fictitious job search – yielding 532 potential candidates – I was most likely on page 13. It is unlikely a recruiter is going to scan 13 pages of resumes to find me to fill a job.

Mike’s knowledge of the recruitment industry and HR practices was endless – he spent a great deal of time answering the groups questions – and could have continued to share other great strategies and insights had time allowed.

This is one presentation that should be a must for anyone at Happen in the hunt for a new career opportunity. I was truly impressed with Pivotal – and now await my one on one meeting with a Pivotal consultant for further guidance and the exploration of career opportunities.

Best Regards,

Adam Usajewicz