A few years ago the answer might have been yes. In todays world of rapid change and new technology the answer is NO - YOU ARE GOING BACKWARDS!

Very often we reach a point in a job, our careers or our lives where we get very comfortable. We can do what ever we need to do without really having to think or try. This should be considered DANGEROUS! Consider taking stock and making a change.

1. Look around for a skill or even a hobby that you had always thought looked interesting, but have never done anything about. Take action - sign up for a course, program or by a book about it.

2. If you are really good at what you are doing, share that ability and the lessons you have learned with someone else. Find a willing and enthusiastic mentee that would benefit from your knowledge and learnings.

3. Look for somewhere else that your skill or strength is despecrately needed and can be utlised, this might well be an underfunded department, a worthwhile cause or a local community initiaitive.

We owe it to ourselves and everyone else to be the best that we can be - and when we are - share that around.

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