True story. Yesterday, a colleague of one of our approved service providers called him from a U.S.-business trip with the bad news. He'd been let go without notice from his very senior management role in an international high-tech firm. The manager found out when the boss sent him an email from their overseas headquarters.

Lior Samfiru, a local lawyer and friend of HAPPEN, points out the story in yesterday's (Wednesday, Sept. 16) Career section of The Globe and Mail that talks about how managers are being forced to let more people go these days.

According to the article, Killing Them Softly, nearly 40 per cent of Canadian companies are planning to eliminate jobs in the next six months. But the article concludes that treating people who are being let go with respect and fairness will help reduce the shock of being let go.

How was it for you? We're you treated with respect and fairness and did that help? Use the comment section (below) to tell everyone about your experience.