By Paul Copcutt

How to MAKE IT during a recession – six surefire strategies to survive in your career

Me Inc – The only person interested and in control of your career or business and knows it the best is YOU. Take the time to ensure that your personal brand is clear and consistent so that the people that need to know about you can clearly understand what it is you have to offer in terms of unique skills and strengths.

Achievements – It’s not the time to be shy, be meticulous about recording the contributions you make in terms of business impact and communicate these success’ in easy to understand terms, often.

Knowledge – Running off and doing something new can be saved for another day, leverage what you know really well and repeat – then when you are on solid ground you can look at other opportunities.

Expertise – In tough times companies are not going to take risks with the unknown or the untried, they are going to make sound business investments in people who can add value to their organization. Be sure you are on the same page as to their needs and your experience.

Internet – Never before in a recession or down market has technology had such an impact or offered such scope. Now you can connect with anyone in the world via social networks or blogging but to exist in that world you need to have a visible online brand. Take the time to build that online brand, being mindful that it needs to be in line with your off line brand.

Touch base – Networking is not just for the hard times, you have to be constantly keeping in touch with people so that you do not have the reputation for only calling on them when you need something. Make sure that everyone you connect with feels part of your network and that you spend the time to offer help, advice or information, it comes back to you many times over.