Sounds too good to be true? Another story in this morning's Sunday New York Times (page 3 in the Business Section) features an article about Johnny Chung Lee, a Ph.D candidate (You knew there'd be a catch. This guy is real smart.) posted a five-minute video on You Tube that shows how in a few easy steps he converted a Nintendo Wii controller to create a virtual reality on the computer screen that makes images appear to pop out into the room.

 You've got to see four-minute video to believe it.

This video has been seen by over six million viewers.

Twenty-eight year old Johnny is also the inventor of the $14 "Poor Man's Steadycam" for use in making your video home movies look terrific. While he sells the device for $39.95 (which is five times cheaper than the least expensive competitor's model), he shows you how to build it yourself for $14 on his website.

Among his many other achievements, Mr. Lee is also an accomplished photographer.

Gaming companies are banging on his door and his Poor Man's Steadycam is going to make him a millionaire. Wait and see. We've just heard the first volley from Mr. Lee. Keep watching You Tube for more.