This response, written by Robin Wright HAPPEN's executive director, is a response from a member's query about how HAPPEN works. Robin's suggestions are good advice for all members both new and old:

(1) If at all possible come to the morning networking meetings, that is
where there are other members that can help you, based on their experience.

(2) Use the Approved Service Providers, listed on the website and the
weekly newsletter. There is no charge for a 15 minute phone conversation.

(3) Specifically talk to Ross MacPherson , our Resume writer. He knows
the most recent acceptable styles of resumes that get results.

(4) Take advantage of the free interview with Pivotal HR Solutions. They
will include you in their monthly skills marketing message to their clients.

(5) Attend the free 3 hour Seminar given by Pivotal, to get an inside
view of the recruiting industry, particularly if you are new to their

(6) Use your LinkedIn contacts to research people and companies you have
targeted in your job search. All members are invited to join the HAPPEN
group on LinkedIn.

(7) Ask for help from the staff of the business section of your public
library. They can quickly direct you to a wealth of sources of company

(8) Place your resume on the big boards, make sure you set them to alert
you when a job description fits your criteria.

(9) Update your information on the big boards every second day, to stay
on the first few pages of the display.

There is much more to learn about the best techniques, you don't have time
to make the same mistakes again that others have already made.

Robin Wright, Executive Director
905-842-4696 director@happen.ca
A member of HAPPEN, Canada's largest executive networking organization.