Whether you are entrepreneur or employee you need to market your skills and abilities.

You can’t market yourself 24 hours-a-day, 7 days week, there are tools that can effectively do it for you. Success (professional or business) is directly related to how you are perceived, which is related to your exposure in the market. Better credibility will bring more visibility therefore there must a specific intent of how the use online (internet) & offline (contacts) to promote your talent and experience.


For the past few years social networking websites have exploded as the new medium to promote you either personally or professionally. LinkedIn & Facebook can both be used in effective way to promote your skills and abilities and business. Few months ago received email from a contact I had met at a networking event stating the features of Facebook and benefits of being connected with him through stories and testimonials he made an effective presentation, during the next three months I had found school mates, received a referral and information on various events.

Increase your visibility is recommended by many entrepreneurs and coaches to research and locate and meet potential people that could assist in your employment search or expanding social circle with various authors, speakers and community leaders.


Create you own blog which is simple and free. Once you register, you get your own URL, which is like your own website. This can be used to write self promotion article about you, or write a brief article on hobby or activity you enjoy. This is powerful and effective way to expose your talents and experiences in various fields.

Business Networking

There are numbers (symposiums and seminars) held throughout the Greater Toronto Region on a weekly basis, the importance of attending and participating is critical in accessing unadvertised jobs referred to as the “hidden market”.

Businesses know the significance of “Word of Mouth” as the best marketing method, so why not apply it to YOU. Tell everyone you that know that you are looking for either job or more business, what your skills (strengths).

Have your own business cards and 30 second elevator pitch are critical to being prepared in talking to potential employers or business clients. While attending an event last year picked up business card which resulted in contribution three online articles, which led to more visibility, after writing the second article ((Mentorship) it led to doing a speech at an IT Job Fair in Toronto.

Follow-up with new contacts

As you collect business cards next step is to create computer database of contacts you have made, you can use outlook, contact management systems (ACT) to update and maintain information.

Follow-up by sending letter, email or phone your contacts on a monthly basis, keep them updated on your search by sending and mini-bio of your achievements and experience. If you do receive a referral make sure you send thank you card or email or phone in appreciation.

Action will lead to progress, leading to rewarding results.

About the author:
Jim Pagiamtzis is the owner and founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!. Check out www.jimpagiamtzis.wordpress.com and www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com