On Wednesday, I had 2 meetings: HAPPEN/Burlington and a first interview near the airport. Due to the snow we had, my wife suggested driving her Toyota Rav4 instead of my Infiniti G35 (my tires are all weather performance but not as good on snow) - she is concerned about my safety. I'm a lucky guy!

Any way, I got my sunglasses out of my car and got the rest of my needs into her car and off I drove. Those that know me, know I don't wear a tie unless I need to, so no surprise that I did not have one on as I drove to HAPPEN.

As I passed Stoney Creek coming from St Catharines, I realized I had no tie. I do keep two in my car but they were still sitting on the backseat of my car not my wife's. It was too late to turn around so I could either go buy one or borrow one.

At HAPPEN, I stood to give my Good News (the interview at 1:30) and then asked if anyone could help me with letting me borrow a tie for this first interview which as with the president.

We all had a good chuckle and I was offered a couple and choose the one from David E (a B-I-G thanks, David - I will return it next week). I then introduced Donna Messer (wonderful speaker) who proceeded to use my need for a tie to "tie" in many aspects of her presentation. More good chuckles!

The interview went well (I had on a "lucky tie") and I expect to be on the short list (5 or 40) by the end of next week).

All in all, what could have been a problem was solved by the willingness of HAPPENITES to share and offer assistance. A B-I-G thanks to all HAPPENITES for their understanding and generosity!

All the best in your job search in 2010!!