This week there will be an opportunity to speak directly to employers and recruiters on behalf of HAPPEN.  Members who volunteer will be able to contact the recipients of the HAPPEN Candidate Profiles.   The mailing list will be segregated by location; each page will have approximately 20 employers. 

This is your chance to make a warm call, as you are expected and assist HAPPEN to verify that our mailing list is correct.   Very often during these calls you be able to give your 30 second infomercial and maybe more. The list will be available at the Ontario meetings this week. 

Dick O'Brien is coming to present an all morning workshop in Mississauga this week.  This may be your only chance to hear him speak at a HAPPEN meeting.   He is in great demand by many organizations, and therefore you will likely be working by the time he is with us again.  We all need to know how to deal with all the challenges that are part of the job search process. Dick will help us to get all things into proper perspective. 

 The effective use of the social media is changing daily. HAPPEN has a number of experts who are dealing with these tools constantly. On Thursday in Markham Steve Prentice will explain specifically how to get the maximum use out of LinkedIn and the other social media. Steve will give a "Live" demonstration on how to maximize your Linked in Profile. 

The new site has many new features, check them out and update your Profile so recruiters/employers can find you faster. 

Our Pool of Talent- 

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    117

Executive                       264

Finance                         170

Human Resources              95

Information  Systems        169

Management                   250

Manufacturing                 149

Materials Management        75

Sales & Marketing             308

Other Professions             148

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week-

Patrick Burns                    

Naveen Gupta                  

Azaratu Ismail                 

Clement Oshinyimika         

Kate Pearce                      

Raj Yuvashankar