To get a jump on your competitors keep your job search active in these last weeks of the summer vacation period. Persistence will generate job leads and initial interviews even if the final hiring decisions will not be made until after school starts again. 

As the business climate moves into a positive mode, companies will accelerate their staffing plans to have the best people on their team and not let them go to their competitors by default.  

Use the tools HAPPEN provides, such as the personal Marketing letter. The most effective tool is your personal network.  Come to the weekly meetings to build this asset and let the other members know what you need.  We can't help you if you don't let us know what contacts will move your job search along. 

HAPPEN gives you direct access to the hidden job market.  There are many positions available, which ones are right for you?  The HAPPENlink newsgroup continues to provide 10 -12 new leads every day. It is still a viable communication tool despite those who abuse it by sending personal messages to the 2300 participants. 

The average time members are in transition is still about 20 weeks.  It is unlikely that you hear the same presentation more than once during that period. 

This week there will be an unforgettable all morning workshop session in Mississauga. This may be you only chance to hear the wisdom of Dick O'Brien, who will make one of his rare appearances in front of HAPPEN members.    Your extra effort to come to travel further and longer will be well rewarded.

Our Pool of Talent-  Members Profiles on our website this week. 

Engineering                    127

Executive                       271

Finance                         177

Human Resources              95

Information  Systems        179

Management                   258

Manufacturing                 154

Materials Management        73

Sales & Marketing             319

Other Professions             154 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week

Sean Cavanagh             

Bob Hunter                         

Dave Lemus                         

Roberto Florendo