The HAPPENlink newsgroup continues to be a major source of hidden job leads that are only sent to members.  This newsgroup is designed to assist members with their job search and career challenges.  

HAPPENlink is not LinkedIn or any of the other social media. It is not to be used for personal communications. The selling and promotion of products or services are not allowed.Political, religious and charitable causes are not allowed on this newsgroup.  

Members may have their use of HAPPENlink suspended if they violate these rules.

This is a reminder to sign in on the attendance sheets at each meeting.  The attendance sheets are location specific and are prepared for each meeting.  Failing to sign in may result in missing a job lead.

Regularly during the week following a meeting a request is received to contact somebody who attended the last meeting.  If you did not sign in, you may miss the contact.  The more visible you are the easier it is to network with you.  Volunteering at the meetings, and being ready to relate your experiences are opportunities that are provided to help you be noticed. 

Legal matters can be serious and boring a generally not much fun. HAPPEN PROVIDES a different experience.

Lior Samfiru has been advising members for several years and has saved many large sums of money.   Lior is one of the HAPPEN Approved Service Providers and will make a presentation in Burlington on Wednesday. 

He will cover employer/employee contracts and operating as an independent consultant.  Also severance packages and non-competition clauses will also be covered. Lior is able to make this otherwise dull but important subject interesting and humorous. This may be your only opportunity to hear his regular presentation before you are working again. 

The new website has many new features, check them out and update your Profile so recruiters/employers can find you faster.

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    120

Executive                       268

Finance                         168

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        173

Management                   255

Manufacturing                 155

Materials Management        76

Sales & Marketing             308

Other Professions             148 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them. 

Our Pool of Talent- 

Ken Coker                              

Andrea Feldman            

Peter Harrison                       

Ernie Horvath                      

Greg Kemp                            

Oriana Persechipi             

Nasser Qubu                    

Mary Venneman