Growth implies change, and this is the time of many changes both corporate and personal.  New family schedules allow for revised job search schedules and an ability to focus on our job search goals.
HAPPEN will start this new season by holding a major evening event on Tuesday 14 September. Back-to-Work Networking Event  There are still tickets available for a limited time, details are on the website and have been sent to every member.

If you did not receive this information please check that your e-mail address is correctly recorded.
HAPPEN Profiles will be mailed directly to over 500 corporate contacts at the end of this month. Details of this hard copy mailing will be given at each morning networking meeting.

 To participate in this promotion, members must register either through the website or at a meeting.
During the past week 9 members have either returned and registered as members again, or renewed their membership.  This clearly demonstrates the value of HAPPEN services to those who participate.  Members are being hired by other members who are now responsible for adding staff for their new employer.

Our Pool of Talent :  Members Profiles on our website this week.
Engineering                    124
Executive                       279
Finance                         179
Human Resources              95
Information  Systems        182
Management                   254

Manufacturing                 154
Materials Management        74
Sales & Marketing             322
Other Professions             151
Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week :

Mai Banh                              

Chandra Devappa              

Jim Mavroidis                       

Sam Pouladi