What is your next employer looking for when they are interviewing candidates? Here is a quote from Michael Mathieu the CEO of YouMe. 

"I try to find people who are a 10 in tactical ability, and if they are naturally curious people. Can they handle adversity with grace and they understand what they bring to the table..." 

We have heard the same sentiments expressed in different ways from the various presentations at the morning meetings.  Understanding your unique value proposition is emphasized by Mike Salveta of Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions during the private seminar provided for all HAPPEN members. 

Careful planning and diligent execution of your personal marketing plan for finding new employment is essential if you wish to slash your time in transition. Setting goals will set up some milestones to provide feedback and enable you to fine tune your efforts. 

Start with the end in mind. When do you expect to be employed again?   HAPPEN statistics indicate that on average members find work within 20 weeks of joining HAPPEN.  This is an average time of those who let me know when they have found work. 

Again during this past week HAPPEN and HAPPEN members have been mentioned in prominent articles in the press.   In the past this has generated job offers from previously unknown sources.   Media deadlines are usually very tight, with requests for interviews within hours rather than days. If you wish to be quoted and maybe get your photograph shown be ready to cooperate.  This preparedness is the same as being ready to be interviewed for employment at any time. 

A different kind of presentation will be provided at the Mississauga meeting this Tuesday.   Laurinda Shaver of VideoBio will be with us to explain this service. That melds their expertise in coaching and directing their clients to expound on their unique value proposition in a brief time frame that has a dynamic impact on the audience. 

HAPPEN has negotiated a special offer for its members only, Save $100.00 and get a professional presentation of your soft skills. This a special offer for 20 members only. You can sign up on Tuesday, and VideoBio will draft your script based on your resume, and have the video shot in Mississauga in private rooms July 29th and 30th. 

HAPPEN members get first shot at the deal, but the offer will also be made to our speakers and alumni, so don't miss this unique opportunity to sell you soft skills. 

Our Pool of Talent :  Members Profiles on our website this week

Engineering                    128

Executive                       268

Finance                         176

Human Resources              94

Information  Systems        175

Management                   261

Manufacturing                 157

Materials Management        74

Sales & Marketing             319

Other Professions             152 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week

Ron Herman  

Effi Lipsman  

Don McCamus

Christopher Westell