Now that we have had a foretaste of summer weather, it is a reminder that the vacation period is about 4 weeks away.  Final staffing decisions will be made this month.  Past experience has shown that the vacation period can be a mixed blessing to job seekers.  Staff shortages can make it more challenging to get appointments with the decision makers. Access to the decision makers may be easier while the protective screen of support staff is absent.  Try calling early in the morning before official starting time, or last thing in the day after every body else has gone.

This is a general reminder that there is no connection or relationship between HAPPENlink and LinkedIn.   

 HAPPENlink has been in operation for over 7 years exclusively for HAPPEN members. This e-mail messaging newsgroup is separately hosted by Yahoogroups. 

LinkedIn is world wide communication programme. There are 2 HAPPEN groups on LinkedIn to which all members are invited.  Providing you have accepted the invitation to join these groups you are only one link away from other members.

This information is provided in detail during the Orientation Session for new members and visitors at the morning networking meetings.

This Thursday the Queen of Networking will be with us in Markham. Donna Messer has ably demonstrated how to connect with others and what to say that will cement a relationship.  You need all the help you can get to speed your job search. Donna has contacts that will provide a lead into a massive number of organizations.

If you are in Southern Ontario make the trip to Markham on Thursday. HAPPEN has arranged free breakfast, anytime after 6:oo a.m.  Pads and pens, candies and coffee are provided for your pleasure.

The new site has many new features, check them out and update your Profile so recruiters/employers can find you faster. 

Our Pool of Talent -

Members Profiles on our website this week- 

Engineering                    117

Executive                       268

Finance                         167

Human Resources              93

Information  Systems        172

Management                   252

Manufacturing                 152

Materials Management        75

Sales & Marketing             303

Other Professions             147 

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them. 

New Members last week

Bimal Antony                    

Laura Collins                     

Everest Damsi                  

Sue Klassen                     

Gary Phillips                      

Angela Tostevin