The next 4 months will include increasing hiring activity as organizations push to meet their goals for the year, and put staff in place to acclimatise to produce for the New Year. 

Your goals should include a Specific date to be employed, Certain companies that your are interested in and a plan to have face to face meetings with at least  5 people per week.  This is not easy to accomplish and will require some diligent effort. 

The HAPPEN morning meetings are a great help in achieving your goals. Our experience shows that members that have a plan land faster and in better positions. 

This Tuesday in Vancouver the presentation by Lily Page of Flair Image consulting will highlight the importance of your physical appearance as part of your personal brand.   Your visual impact has far more influence on your first interviewer than what you say. 

This Tuesday marks the fourth year anniversary of our meetings at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. This continues to be a successful venue for our weekly meetings. 

Our Pool of Talent : Members Profiles on our website this week. 

Engineering                    123

Executive                       273

Finance                         180

Human Resources              95

Information  Systems        182

Management                   256

Manufacturing                 154

Materials Management        74

Sales & Marketing             323

Other Professions             153

Contact members in your profession, they may have a lead for you. You may have a lead for them.

New Members last week :

Abhijit Chatterjee            

Sushil Saxena                      

Derek Schaaf                       

Di Wang